SCRIP Assignment

  SCRIP Assessment Instructions   1.       Social Responsibility Essay (150–200 words)   a.       Discuss the social responsibility of yourself as an educator.       2.      Decision Making Essay (Commitment/Work Ethic) (150–200 words)   a.       Analyze and delineate the decision-making processes as well as your writing plan for your educational philosophy paper (i.e. how much research did you complete, how did you determine what beliefs/theories to include, how much time did you allow yourself to write your paper, etc.).       3.       Reflection Essay (150–200 words)   a.       Reflect on the key aspects of educational philosophy discussed throughout this course.       4.       Professional Integrity Competence and Integrity Essay (150–200 words)   a.       Identify and discuss key standards of integrity and competence as an educator.       5.      Personal Professional Development Plan of Action (Professionalism)   a.       In outline or paragraph format, identify a personal leadership plan that includes participation in a variety of educational forums and organizations.       Title page and any sources are not included in your total word count. All 5 components must be answered with headings separating each of the 5 components. Include a title page and format according to current APA style.      

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