Secondary data

Description Note: I already started writing the report, so you will be provided what I wrote and continue writing. Task: Produce a formal business report for secondary data that builds on the provided open data by addressing the following tasks: (a) Create a plan of how to design and collect a robust sample of new additional data that can be added to your existing open data set. (b) Produce a detailed explanation of any possible secondary sources of data which would be useful to use alongside this existing open data. Supply websites used. (c) Present a firm justification of the survey methodology and sampling frame, including strategies for reducing any potential bias. (d) Design (as an appendix) a draft questionnaire that could be used in the acquisition of this new additional data. Important: -Please pay attention: this is about building up on the open data (link to the open dataset will be provided) -The report is about secondary/additional data. -The provided open data is for your info and not to be used in the report. -The report is about additional data.

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