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here are several questions to choose from, and for this module, our core textbook is, Colander, D.

C. (2013). Macroeconomics (9th edition). New York: McGraw­Hill Irwin..

The available essay questions are,

1. Explain what balance of payments is; its main components; and how its result may affect the

circular flow of income of a country.

2. “Expanding aggregate demand can decrease unemployment, but little of that demand actually

flows down to those most in need” (Colander, 2009, p. 381).

Discuss the statement above. Consider in your discussion: the major determinants of unemployment;

the relationship between aggregate demand and unemployment; and why economists argue in favour

of a natural rate of unemployment.

3. On 14th March 2017 The Guardian newspaper published a piece discussing whether or not the

UK economy would grow more strongly than expected


With reference to the article, discuss the economic indicator used to measure economic growth. Why

are [robust] consumer spending, trade and investment important for this indicator? Why is “higher

inflation” a problem for this indicator?

These are the 3 questions I have narrowed down, and that you can choose from. The essay

requirements is 1500 words including references and bibliography, there is also 10% tolerance if you

go above the limit.


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