Self-Reliant Defence of Australia-Political Science

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1. The paper topic – The year is 2018 and the new US Quadrennial Defence Review has announced a major change in American military posture. Given rising debt and public fatigue, the United States will now only use force when its territory is at risk or where American interests are directly at stake. Choose one of the three possible approaches below and explain, with reference to Australia?s history and strategic interests, why it would be the best choice for Australia in such an environment:
a) Self-Reliant Defence of Australia
b) Cooperation with Southeast Asian states
c) Cooperation with another Asia-Pacific great power (Japan or India or China)

2. Bibliography and footnote with exact page numbers

3. Clear thesis statement.

4. Request draft within 48 hours to decide which option from the 3 provided to be addressed in the paper.

I have uploaded some documents for reference. Option a is not economically viable for Australia. The only viable option would be b or c. Please write along that options but only one to be opted for the paper after the draft. Looking forward for the draft. Please keep in touch. Tq

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