Should homework be abolished in public schools?

Should homework be abolished in public schools?


Essay Description Students should be familiar with basic MLA in-text documentation and the Works Cited page. In preparation for the essay, students will read the reading assignments and participate in lessons on how to find credible information, evaluate sources, and integrate sources. The students’ goal is to pick a research question and assert a solid answer, and then to create a strongly worded essay that argues their answer/stance. Remember to strengthen your argument through refutation and concession, where appropriate. For support/evidence, students should insert into their essay a minimum of three short quotes from three or more secondary sources. Students must adhere to the MLA guidelines for the proper handling of documentation. Students should avoid general claims while preparing their thesis statements. Students should remember that some sources will work in direct support of their argument while others will provide opportunities to refute the arguments of other writers. The essay will be double-spaced, 1-inch margins, 2-3 pages, following all MLA guidelines. Students must have at least 3 outside sources.

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