Should Multinational Corporations Pay a Living Wage When Doing Business in the Developing World?

Essay Topic – Should multinational corporations pay a living wage when doing business in the developing world? Instructions and criteria of assessment You must draw from at least two papers from the papers listed below: Ian Maitland, “The Great Non-Debate Over International Sweatshops Thomas Donaldson, “Values in Tension: Ethics Away from Home” A.W. Cragg, “Business, Globalization and the Logic of the Ethics of Corruption” John Locke, “Excerpts from The Second Treatise of Government” Robert Nozick, “The Entitlement Theory” John Rawls, “An Egalitarian Theory of Justice” Karl Marx, “Estranged Labour” Edwin Hettinger, “What is Wrong with Reverse Discrimination” Louis Pojman, “The Moral status of Affirmative Action” Sandra Wessinger, “Gender Matters. So Do Race and Class: Experiences of Gendered Racism on the Wal-Mart Floor” Albert Carr, “Is Business Bluffing Ethical?” Tibor Machan, “Advertising: The Whole Truth or Only Some of the Truth” Robert Arrington, “Advertising and Behavior Control” Lyn Sharp Pain, “Children as Consumers: An Ethical Evaluation of Children’s Television Advertising” Jean Kilbourne, “Jesus is a Brand of Jeans” Patricia Werhane and Tara Radin, “Employment at Will and Due Process” Richard Epstein, “In Defense of Contract at Will” John McCall, “Employee Voice in Corporate Governance: A Defense of Strong Participation Rights” You will be evaluated on clarity of exposition, on your ability to argue in support of a position, and on your ability to argue against rival positions. And remember: the point is not to discuss all of the arguments made by the authors you are examining. Rather you should critically engage the essays from the ones listed above with a view to making the case for a thesis. The paper should be double spaced, 8 pages long. Here are some questions you should keep in mind in writing your paper: Good structured title. Does your paper have a clearly articulated thesis? Is the thesis supported by arguments? Are these arguments logically structured? Do you make use of the primary texts in defending your thesis? Have you anticipated potential criticisms of your position and demonstrated why your position is superior to rival interpretations? Is your writing clear and to the point? Is your writing technically flawless, free of spelling mistakes and grammatical errors? Do you have proper documentation in a consistent style?

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