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  Create a case study related to NCLB that shows a contradiction between an ethical issue and the law.  Then, use the following outline to create your response to your self written case study. What are your legal obligations? What does the law say? What is your school district policy? What will happen if you don’t follow the law? Under the ethic of critique Who benefits from the outcome? Are the demands on the school too great? If benefit accrues to the school, who in it benefits? Under the ethic of justice Who suffers from the outcome? Are demands on the individual too great? If benefit accrues to the individual, what happens to the group? Under the ethic of care What happens to relationships? Are relational demands being met? How does the decision weaken or strengthen relationships? Under the ethic of discourse Who is excluded from the decision? Are discourse demands met? Is the quality of the discourse changed? Is the quality of the decisions changed? There is an example of a case study attached for your reference. When this is complete you should have a case study and the outline above with the questions answered using the case study you created.

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