social and political movements in a globalising world: research report.

The report is on: Political Opportunity Structures and Political Protest: Anti-Nuclear Movements in Four Democracies by Herbert P. Kitschelt. The research report should start with the following: • A heading: the title of the article and the name of the author. Nothing more. • An opening paragraph that consists of a very brief statement of the author’s argument (two or three sentences). State what theoretical approach the author is using and the social movement (or aspect of a social movement) to which this approach is being applied. The body of the research report should contain the following (in whatever order you think is right): • An outline of the movement or type of activism the author is writing about. • An outline of the key elements of the theoretical approach the author is using. • (Remember: o 1. the author may only be using some aspects of a broad theoretical approach: you will already have indicated what this broad theoretical approach is – see the point above; here you need to show which parts of that approach s/he is focusing on. o The author may be combining elements from different theoretical approaches • A presentation of the conclusions that the author reaches. An analysis and evaluation of the author’s argument and conclusion. How persuasive is the author’s argument? What are its strengths and weaknesses? You must use other academic sources for the research report I will provide them. You must provide a bibliography of all text that you have consulted. It should be 1500 words long.

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