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Answer each question following the guidelines provided below; be sure to address all parts of each question. The answers to these questions are considered a critical part of your application. However, there are many different appropriate answers. We are interested in learning about your rationale and critical thinking skills. Please spend time crafting your answers and provide your responses to these application questions in the spaces below.Social Science Homework help
We value a mix of backgrounds, ages, nationalities, education and experiences in our teachers. Our strongest candidates are critical thinkers who understand the challenges their students may face and who are committed to helping students reach their fullest potential despite those challenges. We hope you will share your unique perspective in answering the following questions.


1. Excellent teachers aim to build strong relationships inside and outside of the classroom. What role do you believe caregivers play in supporting your ability to deliver an equitable, high quality education for students?
What barriers or challenges might stand in the way for students and caregivers?
How would you overcome those barriers or challenges?
2. Reflect on a successful lesson you delivered to your students in order to answer the following questions. (lesson can be for first grade)
What grade and subject was the lesson for? What was the objective of the lesson? How did you determine the objective?
How did you know if your students met or were on track to meeting this objective?
What consideration did you give to the diversity of your students’ backgrounds, their strengths, and their challenges in creating this lesson plan? Social Science Homework help

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