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1. Gender normative patterns of communication. What consequences do women face when norms are broken? What are the benefits?
NOTE: Society has norms for social interactions. My question is centered on the norms of gendered language. For example, the word ‘witch’ is gendered female, while ‘wizard’ is gendered male. Perhaps more subtly, certain adjectives are used to describe females, but not males, both positive and negative. For example, nasty, barren, fussy, sheltered, high-strung, moody, whiny, attractive, softhearted. Men are described as daring, loud, strong, tough, courageous, etc. You probably have more to choose from in your collaboration documents 🙂Social Science homework help


I’m asking you to consider the consequences and benefits when these norms of language are broken. What happens when we describe a woman as daring or courageous? Or when a man is described as whiny, or softhearted? Find citations to support your ideas.
2. Can language, or ways of speaking, be used a form of resistance to the hetero-patriarchy? Again, find citations to support your ideas.
3. Should women “tone down” how they talk to each other, and to men/gender neutral? What about men? What role do they have in language about or towards women? Cite to support.
4. Discuss in your writing, language about women. Cite to support.
5. Last, briefly reflect: How do you feel when someone uses a sexist term when addressing or discussing a woman/women? Is it appropriate or not? Why?
Be sure to cite from the articles and chapter readings, and include a reference list. You should have at least 3 references (minimum 3 Authors; use reference list to fully understand when you using a different source) and many, many citations in your paper.
Add a reference list so I know which articles you pulled from (min, 3 listed and cited for full points). Social Science homework help

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