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Global: 1)You have to learn to put sentences together in a way that makes sense. You seem to have a reasonable command of English but your sentence structure and word choice is not good. I cannot rewrite your assignments I can only point out prose that do not make sense. I have highlighted portions below that need to be revised. You might try reading your sentences out loud to yourself or someone else who might give you feedback. Social Science Homework Help


2) Avoid repeating yourself. Try to find new ideas about the story-line. This is very repetitious.
After listening to the story regarding the business of Majdi Wadi, one can conclude that the punishment that he gave to his daughter did not fit the crime that she had committed, although the offense to escape from imprisonment was against the country’s law. (? Revise) Besides, Lianne getting fired was not a good idea because it may not have saved the company’s reputation as they solve the scandal (revise). The punishment involving murder considering racial differences is unfair. (revise “ The punishment for murder in cases based on race is unfair.” The blacks were thus able to react in their opinions (revise) concerning the murder case of George Floyd, which the police officers performed (, 2020) (revise). To cut off life from an individual who committed an offense about because of racial factors wasis the worst mistake by thea policemaen can make. B The blacks protestors were swift when George Floyd was maltreated murdered in the absence of the citizens who could come to his rescue (?Revise). Therefore, I think the punishment should follow the country’s laws without favoritism and racial differences in a nation. Social Science Homework Help
No one should be held responsible for the posts made when they were teenagers. because of Youths like socializing and often making comments without thinking of the consequences of following from their posts on social media in the …

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