social work forum

Answer these three questions

1.Cite social workers code of ethics Applying Ethical Principles

Joe is a social work intern at an after­school program for middle school children.

Through after program meetings with parents, Joe has met several of the parents of the children.

Joe and a participant’s parent have been talking a lot and have decided that they would like to date

one another.

They are both adults. What do you think?

Does your reaction change if you consider the situation the parent as female as compared to male?

Discuss any concerns and/or the ethical issue/s related to this decision.

Be sure to fully explain and support (with professional citations and references), your rationale for

your best practice recommendations on how to respond to Joe and this situation.

2.Select any two of the eight questions on pages 60­61 in Chapter Three and discuss how each issue

applies to this situation (from Homework Exercise 3.3):

“Alfonso has just been given information about a new client who is scheduled to see him later today.

The client is a 17­year old boy whose parents have specifically requested that he be assigned to

Alfonso. They said, “Alfonso is the only person we want to work with our son.” Alfonso recognizes

the client’s name as a boy who is in his 15­year old son’s scout troop. As the troop draws from the

local high school population, Alfonso knows the family lives near him and the boy attends his son’s

school in addition to being in the same scout troop.”

(NO need to repeat this prompt in your response)

Here are the questions:

1.) How would you apply this ethical issue to guide your behavior in this situation? ­­Discuss your

decision making process in detail, including pros and cons of your chosen behavior and any conflicts

with personal values that you may need to address in order to apply this ethical principle in this


2.) Discuss any ambiguities involved in applying this ethic to this situation.

So, this assignment will have a 1. and 2. (one for each question­­please write out the question you

are addressing!) with two subheadings per response. Remember, just single spacing. Something like


1.) How necessary is this multiple relationship?

1. Blah blah scholarly stuff as evidenced by the things I’ve read (Chang, Decker, & Scott p. 1).

2. Blah blah ambiguous because of things.

2.) What is the potential harm to the client from this dual relationship?

1. Blah blah more scholarly stuff as evidenced by the things I’ve read (Chang, Decker, & Scott p. 1).

2. Blah blah ambiguous because of reasons.

Hope this makes sense. If you have any more questions or need clarification about the assignment,

please contact me anytime!

3. Discuss the role of poverty as a risk­factor for at­risk youth to engage in criminal activities. How it

might be useful in your professional situation in working with at­risk youth to understand the effects

of poverty on their behavior? Please write a 200­word post with citations in APA format.

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