South Korea’s Economic Transformation

Description The class is the Economics of the Pacific Rim. My topic will be concentrated on the Economics of Southern Korea. Also known as the “Miracle of the Han River” And how their economic development turned their country – the poorest – to one of the most developed countries in the Pacific Rim. Some requirements for the paper that was listed in the Professor’s requirements: [1] The paper must address a particular economic question or issue related to the Pacific Rim, and it should not be an encyclopedic overview of a country. [2] It must involve some research on your part which will be indicated by the inclusion of references to at least one book and one periodical (preferably from a peer review journal) article not on the current class reading list. While newspapers are acceptable sources, they are also generally too shallow in their content. Include that information in your bibliography. Note: My strong preference is an article from a scholarly peer-reviewed journal such as World Development, Journal of Development Studies, Journal of Asian Economies, Economic Journal, etc. Using the EconLit database (Use the Databases A-Z link on the library homepage) or Google Scholar will facilitate finding articles in these journals. He will be looking for: A rationale for choosing this particular question, topic, or country, a thesis or indication of direction, an orderly presentation of the material, support or provide documentation of points or claims, a conclusion or summary, and a complete bibliography He emphasized how much he does not like quotes. He also prefers the formatting to be in APA. He also would like specific ideas or an economic model to be compared with the country selected.

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