Special Needs Education Policy in New Zealand and Finland

 Special Needs Education Policy in New Zealand and Finland 4500 words Select one education policy area, e.g. performance management, early childhood education policy and write a comparative analysis of two different countries or education settings. The essay should contain the following content. 1. Present an overview of the concepts of ‘policy’ and ‘education policy’ in particular. Use relevant readings to further explain and illustrate these concepts. 2. For the policy area that you have selected, an overview the origins of current policy in two different countries or education settings. 3. Describe the background of the policy in each setting, the significant recent developments and its current content/status. 4. Contrast and critically analyse the policy implementation that has occurred. This section will include a review of the literature concerned with the selected policy area and the two selected settings. 5. Include a discussion of the possible future direction that this policy will take and justify your arguments. 6. Draw conclusions about your findings. 7. you must use 7 articles from the reading list (I will upload it as a file) (It will be better if you choose Apple article & Rizvi article and Ball article) 8. resource ABA6 style 9. write as Australian style

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