Specific powers interests

Your paper should be 5-7 pages (1500 – 2000) words, excluding bibliography. Your paper should include a list of works cited in addition to your in – text citations. You should use APA citation style, so long as the page number is included. Similarly, do not forget the broader basics of academic writing: Introduction including thesis statement, development of ideas through the body of your paper, and conclusion.

Paper Topic:
Evaluate how and why specific powers interests in the modern world period represented and/or misrepresented historical development in one of the following categories:
– Ethno-linguistic (national) Identity.
– Women’s roles 
– Islam

Your essay may consider external (western of example) and internal representations, but it cannot neglect to discuss the actual history of those represented.

An Example from the Doctor can be fit to the paper topic (please do not use this example):
Orientalists and many “fundamentalist” Muslims concurred that Muslim women had no meaningful public role in the Islamic world. While each had different reasons, they similarly relied on a selective reading of gender roles in the pre-modern period: privileging European travelogues and disparate conservation scholars over the more complicated narratives emerging from court records and socially engaged Islamic scholars.

Try to use the topic of (The veil of Muslim Women) and how the Muslims (in the Middle East or the Arab areas) misrepresented their own history by not even wearing the veil or not wearing it properly, and how the western intellectual effect in this misrepresented.

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