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Normal Data Distribution and Two-Variable Correlation Testing


Part 1: Graphic Representation of the Data from the Yoga Stress (PSS) Study Data Set

1. Using the readings, media, and resources discussed to date, create a histogram or bar graph (according to the measurement level of the data) of the following variables: Age, Education, Pre-intervention Psychological Stress Score (PSS).
2. Using the readings, media, and other resources discussed to date, create a scatter plot of the following pair of variables: Age Versus Pre-intervention Psychological Stress Score (PSS).Statistics Homework Help


Part 2: Statistical Tests

1. Perform a pre-analysis assumption test for a normal-distribution test to determine if the data you intend to use for the correlation tests passes the assumption of being normally distributed.
1. You will use this test for Age and Pre-intervention Psychological Stress Score (PSS).
1. Perform the appropriate correlation test to determine the direction and strength or magnitude of the relationship between these two variables from Step 1.
2. Remember, we are not concerned about causation at this point and want to determine only if there is a statistical association.

Part 3: Yoga Stress (PSS) Study Paper

· Include the histogram and scatter plot graphics you created earlier for Age and Pre-intervention Psychological Stress Score (PSS).
1. Provide an interpretation for these graphics.
1. Report the statistical outcome of the correlation analysis using appropriate scholarly style, including a brief interpretation of the effect size of the correlation.
1. Interpret the practical, real-world meaning (and limitations of the interpretation) of the relationship of these two variables, based on the correlation analysis you performed.Statistics Homework Help
1. Include the SPSS “.sav”output file that shows your programming and results from Parts 1 and 2 for this assignment.
1. Provide at least one evidence-based scholarly or peer-reviewed article that supports your interpretation.

Additional Requirements

· Length:Your paper will be 2-3 double-spaced pages of content, plus title and reference pages.

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