Strategic management in Nonprofit organization.

How does the management of the United Nations Foundation from different circles affect the functions and service delivery of the non-profit organization? Organization: United Nations Foundation Based on the research from the annotated bibliography, write a paper analyzing how the management issue has affected an organization’s strategic planning or strategic management and propose recommendations as to how the organization should proceed. The paper should be formatted using headings and subheadings (1st and 2nd level headings in APA format). Include the following information (use headings): Company Information: Write about the company selected. Include a brief history, mission, vision, and current information. (3-4 paragraphs) United Nations Foundation Topic in Strategic Management: Define and discuss your topic of choice. Go into detail to explain the topic with regards to the organization selected. (You can use information gathered from your annotated bibliography and further research). Recommendations: Provide recommendations (3) to address the management topic in the organization. You should support your recommendations with information researched as well.

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