Strategic Planning Assignment 1

Strategic Planning Assignment 1
Must be clear writing no plagiarism do not put in Turnitin professor does himself all articles can only be used once cannot use articles from other classes

1. Locate and summarize an article related to concepts of this module’s submission box assignment(s) and POST ON THE DISCUSSION BOARD. Discuss your article in relation to the reading (in 100 words) and cite the source of your article using APA format. (This article is NOT required to be a scholarly article however you must provide the article’s citation.)Strategic Planning Assignment 1
2. Respond to two other student’s article summarizations with your opinion of their articles in 50 words for each summarization. Responses such as, “I agree” or “Good idea” are not acceptable and will receive no credit. The response must add to the scholarly dialogue presenting the reasons for your opinion and supporting documentation cited.


The exchange of ideas between students regarding a colleague’s article is a key aspect of on-line learning. Since late postings do not add to dialogue between students, they will not be accepted as participation. Responses to fellow student’s articles and discussions are to be in depth.
Peer 1: D
Strategic planning is a key component for success in a dynamic and constantly changing business environment. A clear understanding of the organization’s goals and the assignment of the responsibilities towards achieving those milestones can be met through effective communication and continual updates on progress. This type of transparency encourages participation at all levels of the organization and creates an atmosphere of trust, teamwork, and accountability (Farone, 2019). Building on this momentum, the …

Strategic Planning Assignment 1

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