Struggle for Civil and Human Rights

Struggle for Civil and Human Rights
Human rights are rights you have because you are human. Civil rights are rights you have as a member of a particular society. Some civil rights are political rights to participate in government. Civil rights can be limited. For example, children have human rights like self-defense, but not the civil rights of marriage or driving or the political right of voting. As you did in the pandemic essay, you will synthesize two time periods and then compare and contrast the two periods.Struggle for Civil and Human Rights

Assignment directions

Read TWO of the sources from the 1950s-1970s AND TWO from the twenty-first century. Select sources which can be easily synthesized and compared; for example, discussing a particular right or a particular group of people. There are multiple documents in the Women’s Liberation and Stonewall Riots websites. Your two sources cannot come from the same site. The sources are primary sources of either time period. As before, focus on the actual primary source, not an editor’s introduction to it.Struggle for Civil and Human Rights


1. Using the two sources of the time period, synthesize the status of one or more civil and/or human rights for a particular group of people, such as African Americans or LGBTQ.
2. Using the two sources of this time period, synthesize the current status for the same right(s) and group of people.
3. Compare and contrast the differences and predict what the future will hold for the same right(s) and group of people.
Use only the information from the four sources you chose (and the Lecture Notes if needed). I want your analysis, not something you found on the Internet on the subject. Work alone.
2-4 pages, 12 point font, 1 inch margin all around, double-space. You don’t need a title page or Works Cited since you are only discussing the four sources which you will identify in the first paragraph or as soon as you start discussing them. Use proper American English spelling, grammar, punctuation, capitalization, and paragraphs.
Struggle for Civil and Human Rights

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