Summative Assignment

1. PROJECT DELIVERY PLAN – The Service must be operational as from 1 April 2018. Please provide a brief Project Delivery Plan for establishing the Service, detailing the key milestones for implementing the Service as of 1 April 2018 and at 3 and 6 months intervals.

Response [Maximum 250 words]

2. GOVERNANCE – Please set out your proposals for the governing Board, management & operational structure for the service, including volunteers.

Response [Maximum 250 words]

3. ENGAGING THE WIDEST RANGE OF LOCAL PEOPLE – Critical to the success of the service is the ability to reach out to all audiences. Please give examples of innovative approaches you would take to reach a wide range of people. Using your sound knowledge of different techniques for engaging and involving people, how would you promote HealthWatch and secure the views of local people of working age between the ages of 20 and 40? What opportunities or issues do you anticipate and how might they be overcome?

Response [Maximum 500 words]

4. WORKING WITH HEALTH AND WELLBEING BOARD – Local HealthWatch will be an equal partner on the Health and Wellbeing Board. How would you ensure that the right person is selected to be on the Board? Explain what skills and experience they might need and how you would develop people to ensure that they can participate effectively in such forums?

Response [Maximum 500 words]

 5. LEARNING FROM PAST EXPERIENCE – HealthWatch must build on the success and address the limitations of previous patient and public involvement mechanisms.

What role do you see for volunteers, networked organisations and partners in HealthWatch

Explain how your organisation will develop staff and volunteers to uphold the outcomes of the service

What issues do you foresee and how would you address them?

Response [Maximum 500 words]

 6. COLLABORATIVE WORKING – Local HealthWatch is an organisation that must work in partnership with other organisations. Demonstrating your understanding of partnership working, please describe the qualities of a good, collaborative partner. What assets might partners bring to Local HealthWatch and what accountabilities will the Service have to collaborative partners and/or sub-contractors? Give an example where a relationship could potentially go awry and what steps you would take to resolve the issue.


Response [Maximum 500 words]

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