Team work organizations

Papers should be clear, interesting, grounded by logic, and informed by theory. Papers are not simply “opinion” pieces. Bottom line: I will be looking for correctly formatted papers offering clear statements, supported by academic research, and logical analysis. You are a virtual group working on a team paper so that is what you are being asked to analyze! As you know, virtual teams are increasingly common in our interconnected global workplace. There are positives and challenges to working as a group in a virtual environment. Answer the following questions in relation to virtual teamwork in organizations: Identify one challenge that cause workgroups to fail, a recommendation to address each challenge, and the role of the group’s leader in implementing each recommendation. The focus of the assignment should not be specific to one organization/industry and the researched material should be grounded in the current literature related to team structuring and related issues, why groups fail, and the best practices for addressing the failures and getting the group on the road to success. You should use sources from the UMUC virtual library databases beyond our weekly eReadings lists. See the Library Discussion area for tips. Do not use Wikipedia or Google the topic–use the UMUC virtual library databases. Include at least 1 references from academic journals.

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