technologies affect on human character

Basic Composition – Fall 2018
Assignment #2: Custom Made
Janet Ansine

Adam Gopnik, “Bumping Into Mr. Ravioli”
Sherry Turkle “The Flight From Conservation”

Sherry Turkle makes the claim that “the little devices that most of us carry around are so powerful that they change not only what we do, but who we are” (1). We see the consequences of relying on technological advancement exemplified quite dramatically in Adam Gopnik’s essay. Let’s assume for this paper that Turkle’s statement is true. Your task is to first show how technology has the ability to “customize” our lives in these essays, and second, to make an argument about whether this is a good, inevitable, future for the human race in our relationships with one another, or whether we are heading down a dark path. Be sure to make clear what each author thinks about these difficult questions for the people they describe, and where you stand in relation to the authors’ positions.

Weigh and evaluate which points seem to be the most convincing to you, and explain in your paper. Use specific quotes, examples and details from the text in developing your response.

thesis: Technology transforms togetherness and dialogue putting the natural human characteristics in jeopardy.

– the overall idea is two relate the two articles on how technology affects human characteristics for the worse. so there are three body paragraphs so you will need to relate a quote from each paragraph that connect to each other
– i will send the quotes i choose your job is to relate the quotes explain how human characteristics are put in danger
-for example technology can affect relationships becuase it caises u to depart for people so instead on talking over lunch you send an email instead
– how email and messaging affects dialounge as well ( conversatio.

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