The Book of Negroes

Task Writing a book review is more than simply describing the contents of a book. To conduct a proper book review you must analyze the book from several different perspectives. The key to this book review is to ensure in the analysis section that you conduct a detailed analysis of the book in the context of racism and discrimination. To do this, you want to identify elements in the book that can be used to illustrate the theories and concepts of racism and discrimination you are studying in this course. For example, are there items of prejudicial behavior, stereotyping, abuse because of ethnicity or religion, etc. In addition to finding examples of these behaviors in the book you also need to define the concept or theory. In other words, do not simply state that the book illustrates examples of stereotyping without providing a definition of what the term stereotyping means. You also need to ensure you include cited content to support your definitions and descriptions in this section. This cited content can be taken from either the course content or research you conducted in preparing for the book review.

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