the documentary Food, Inc.

Watch a documentary called Food Inc. a film by Robert Kenner (on Netflix, Youtube, and Amazon). and write a 2-page essay (font size 12; single spaced). Make sure you address all of the following: 1) Title and Introduction: Introduce the general topic 2) Summarize ALL of the various issues addressed in the movie 3) Briefly discuss the ethics of the current way our food is produced? Who are we as a culture if we are supporting this way of food production? 4) What was your emotional response to the movie? 5) What was your intellectual response to the movie? 6) Draw your own conclusion. Include what you will remember most. 7) What could you/we do to change the status quo toward healthier food and towards sustainability? 8) What does the movie have to do with Microbiology? Please let me know if you are unable to do this type of essay.

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