The field of lifespan development.

Research Paper: Choose an area of interest within the field of lifespan development and write a 5–8 page APA style paper. Your paper will review the research literature, referring to a minimum of 5 articles from scholarly journals in psychology (not website, newspapers, or magazines). See attached Guidelines and Rubric for the following: topics, as well as writing style and formatting. Consult with me about your topic before writing your paper. Directions: As you are working on your research paper, keep in mind that its primary function is to show your ability to read and understand scholarly research and to use such research to support your own ideas and opinions. Choose an area of interest in within the field of lifespan development. See possible list of topics after the sample outline. Format: 1. These papers need to be in APA format. NO Abstract needed. SECTION HEADINGS REQUIRED 2. Length. Your paper should be at least five and no more than 8 pages long. (Does NOT include Title or Reference Pages) 3. Form. Your paper should be double-spaced. 12-point font (legible). No extra spacing.

4. Textbook. Read the relevant parts of the textbook before beginning your research to help you put your topic in its proper context. Consult the Subject Index to help you find the material you need. 5. Organization. Your paper should be organized as follows: a. Introduction. A paragraph or two that clearly and concisely describes (1) the topic of your paper, (2) the question(s) you will investigate, and (3) the various points of view or differing explanations proposed in the scientific articles on which you are basing your paper. b. Research section. The core of the paper—three to 4 pages—must be a discussion of the scientific evidence. You should consult at least 5 sources (journal articles, books), at least half of which should have been published within the last eight years. Try to find at least one relevant source published within the last year. While magazines written for a general audience sometimes pose provocative questions and contain interesting information, you should not rely on them for accuracy; so for the purposes of this paper no website, magazines, newspapers are acceptable. Instead, you should find recent scholarly books and journals on your topic. If you have difficulty finding relevant material, ask the Librarian. To effectively use the contents of journal articles or books to support your ideas, be sure to clearly describe (1) the topic of the research being reported, (2) the research methods used (and how these methods might have affected the results), (3) the researchers’ conclusions, and (4) questions raised by the research. In the last paragraph or two of the research section of your paper, summarize the research findings and briefly state how the research relates to the topic of your paper. c. Your opinions. A very important part of the paper are the opinions and ideas you have formed based on your research. Indicate which sources you agree with and which you don’t, and why. What conclusions can you draw from your reading? What important questions related to your topic remain unanswered? d. Reference Page. All the books and journals used for your paper should be listed alphabetically in a reference (aka bibliography) at the end. You should follow a consistent format, American Psychological Association’s Style Manual. 6. Plagiarism. When you copy something word for word, or when you are merely rephrasing ideas from someone else’s text, you must cite your source within your paper, including the last name of the author and the date of publication in parentheses (example: Cordero, 2017). Leaving out in-text citations (you use someone else’s words and ideas without citing them), is committing plagiarism and may receive an F. 7. Topics. A list of possible topics is provided below. Check with the professor if you have a question about your topic of interest. Sample Outline Instructions: Follow this general outline format for your paper. 1. Title Page (includes your name, etc. as required of APA style) 2. Paper Introduction: See above #5a Organization (1-2 paragraphs) 3. Research Section: See above #5 b Organization (3-4 pages) 4. Personal Opinion Section: See above #5 c Organization (1 page) 5. Conclusion: (1 paragraph that summarizes the main points) 6. Reference page (APA style)

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