The financial section of business case

There are two options for this assignment please select the option that best fits your own learning needs

Word count – 2500 (or less), please note

Appendices are NOT included in the word count

Detailed calculations, tables, figures, reference material and other back up data to show detailed workings are not included in the word count

Contents and title pages are not included in the word count

 Option 1 – Financial section for a business case for an existing service area development / improvement

This option is suitable for students who are currently employed or have recent experience of service provision. Write the financial section of a business case for a new service within an existing service area or for a service improvement (e.g. expansion, new treatment) that you are familiar with. (2000 words).

In doing this you are exploring the financial and the commercial case for the business or service offering and identifying where you will get the funding for the venture and whether the proposal is worth the investment.

Critically analyse and explain the financial environment in which the service development/ improvement is to take place and clearly present your argument for the investment.(2500 words).  Present your analysis in tables (not included in the word count) within your report drawing on the skills you are practicing in the seminar sessions.

Option 2.  – Financial section for a business case for establishing / developing a service with private or insurance funding

This is an alternative option for the assignment for non-practicing and international students working in an insurance-driven market

Students intending to set up in private practice may submit a business plan, with emphasis on the financial pages

Part 2 assessment criteria


  • Demonstrates ability to critically apply knowledge of policies and strategies and global developments in healthcare to the local situation.
  • Devises objectives and recommendations which are SMART and display some originality of thought.
  • Demonstrates ability to research, estimate, justify and present costs of options
  • Demonstrates ability to apply economic and financial theory to the calculation of costs and the evaluation of options.
  • Recognises and respects the different needs and expectations of various groups of people
  • Constructs a clear, coherent and well-structured argument
  • Shows clear development of knowledge and understanding, and an ability to reflect on one’s own strengths and areas for development (Student Self-assessment Sheet)
  • Uses an appropriate writing style and Harvard references, and presents work professionally. 
  • Detailed calculations, figures, reference material and other back up data to show detailed workings

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