The Future of Health IT Policy

For this assignment, you will review the ONC Federal Health IT Strategic Plan. Then write a 3-page paper including a brief ABSTRACT PAGE that is APA style formatted, on these questions below Questions: Elaborate on your thoughts regarding the following: 1. How has federal government involvement, initiatives and regulations helped accelerate Health IT adoption over the past decade? What are some of it’s biggest accomplishments? 2. What are 3 key challenges the healthcare industry and policymakers face between now and 2015-2020 to achieve the goals outlined in the Federal Health IT Strategic Plan and why? Be specific. 3. What do you see as 3-4 goals that policymakers might include in the next Federal Health IT Strategic Plan (beyond 2020) and why? Please use the Paper Template that is provided to you. Your paper must contain at least 3 references; the book for the course being one of them, the link to the book is below it is password and username protected.

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