The impact of the age of Alexander on the visual arts and architecture of hellenistic greece.

Describe and Discuss the impact of The Age of Alexander on the Visual Arts and Architecture of Hellenistic Greece. Be sure to reference at least one specific example (primary source) of a work of art, to illustrate your conclusions. You must discuss, in detail, the historical context of the art you chose. Your paper must be between 750-1250 original words in length and in MLA format. Feel free to add any images to the paper but remember to add a caption.

It should have at least 3 sources. The Valencia Library Reference Department and the Valencia Academic Success Center are available and eager to assist you in locating good, reliable sources. Time Limit: All papers must be submitted to Canvas. Unexcused extensions will result in a full grade reduction. Do not email papers. Value: 10% toward a compelling Introduction 30% toward the effective use of supporting evidence 30% toward the citations of reliable primary and secondary sources 20% toward MLA formatting 10% toward convincing conclusion

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