The Process for Tracking Infectious Diseases Relationship Diagram

The Process for Tracking Infectious Diseases Relationship Diagram
Create an entity relationship diagram with the following information.
The process for tracking infectious diseases is as follows:
1. A person who visits a health care facility is asked to complete a registration
form indicating name, date of birth, address, gender, and other demographic
2. If the person has been a patient at the facility before then his/her medical
record (including a unique patient identifier number) is retrieved and attached
to the registration form. Please note, that a registration must be done for each
3. If the patient is attending this health center for the first time he/she is assigned
a unique patient identification number (a simple serial number).
4. The patient is tested for the infectious disease and the result of the test is
recorded. The data for a test includes Patient Identification Number (PIN), the date of the test, the doctor who
requested the test, the technician who administered the test, lab where the test was done, and the result of


the test (positive, negative, or indeterminate). A patient can be tested many
times but only one test is allowed per day.
5. If the test is positive then a new case is recorded. Data for a new case includes
the patient identification number, test result, doctor who ordered the test, and general comments
regarding the patient. The new case is recorded as having status active. The Process for Tracking Infectious Diseases Relationship Diagram.
6. Daily tests are recorded for the active cases.
7. If the result of a daily test is negative then the status of the case is recorded as
recovered, the data includes date of recovery and doctor who discharged the patient.
8. If a patient dies then a record of the death is made detailing the date of the
death and doctor who pronounced the death. The Process for Tracking Infectious Diseases Relationship Diagram.

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