The role of Strategic Financial Management

Critically analyse information about a range of financial topics demonstrating a good understanding of these topics in Travel and Tourism Industry.

You are required to write an academic essay giving an overview of the role of Strategic Financial Management in profit-orientated business. The essay should explore theoretical concepts and critically relate these to their application in your field of study

The essay should focus on Strategic Financial Management in strategic planning, decision making, forecasting, costing and pricing, budgeting, investment appraisal, performance management, management of risk, growth strategies and long-term financing. You should give specific consideration to the issue of capital structure on risk and profitability.

You MUST provide references and a bibliography for all your research material Failure to do so means you will be unlikely to pass the assignment.

The assessment criteria to meet the learning outcome are to demonstrate the ability to:
– Demonstrate a critical understanding of the nature and theory of Strategic Financial Management techniques.
– Demonstrate critical understanding of the practical relevance of Strategic Financial Management techniques.
– Demonstration of a critical understanding of the impact of profitability and risks associated with Capital Structures.
– Demonstration of the ability to communicate ideas clearly in an academic essay with a high standard of presentation, style of writing and cohesive and logical expression.

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