The Seagull Reader: Literature

Paper 5 Topics.

One of the books you were required to buy for this semester is :The Seagull Reader: Literature. (3rd ed. 3 volumes. Norton, 2014. ISBN: 978-0393938104)

We’ll be using this book for the final module of the course (and you’ll use it again in ENG 1302). This book comes in a bundle that includes three books, one on fiction, one on poetry, and one on drama. Here’s what I want you to do for this unit: Choose and read two short stories from the book that contains stories and choose and read two poems from the book about poetry
Then I want you to write me a 3-4 page paper on the following topic:Since I’ll be using this book when I teach 1302,
I want to know what you think the 1302 class should read.
Why should I teach your chosen stories and poems in ENG 1302?

Some of the questions you can address within your essay are:

oWhat made you choose these particular texts? What are they about?

oWhat do you thinka future class would gain from reading/discussing your selections?


You need to quote from your selection to prove your answers to the questions above
.No Works Cited page is required for this essay but you must still use internal documentation like: (Updike 224).Length
-About 3-4 typed pages (double-spaced

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