“The Sweetness of Tears” by Nafisa Haji

Reflect on the questions listed below and then type your views and understanding and ideas about the book. Pls type out the number and the question, reflect, then type out your reflections on each question. QUESTIONS: 1)Briefly describe the (a) circumstances of the story, (b) the main conflict and (c) the most important characters. 2) Briefly describe (a) the religious themes,issues, or dilemmas that you notice in the story. (b) What do you think and /or how do you feel about these religious themes,issues or dilemmas? 3)Does the author have a religious point of view? (b) how does it differ from your point of view? (4)What are the insights or learning that you were able to take away from the story? (5) Briefly describe (a) your feeling about the story. (b) would you recommend this book to another student? And please please no Plagiarism and no copy paste from any sites/google/internet. Professor is really strict abt

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