The Ultimate Art Exhibit

Your goal is to design the Ultimate Art Exhibit. You will function as a curator to conduct research, develop and design an exhibit of your choosing. Incorporate what you have learned in class; field trip experience; personal preference; and your growing appreciation of art to determine the type of exhibit. You have learned that there are many elements of consideration and that art appreciation is personal in many ways so incorporate your personal view of art into the exhibit.

Your presentation should be 2-3 typewritten pages, double-spaced. Additionally, you will include a visual representation of the art work (.gif or .jpg files) that you believe to be of main importance to the Ultimate Art Exhibit. There should be at least three (3) representative images included in your exhibit. Your comprehensive presentation will address each of the four guidelines listed below and will provide justification for your decisions based on your knowledge obtained in the course. The guidelines below also have an associated suggestion of what you might consider in order to get you started. Explore beyond these suggestions to make your own Ultimate Art Exhibit interesting, unique and, most importantly, of value. A majority of emphasis in your writing should pertain to the third guideline-Decision making-as this is where you will demonstrate your ability to consider, discuss and evaluate art with a learned appreciation. Note sources with parenthetical citations. 

Refer to the Ultimate Exhibit Rubric to understand how your submission is scored.

Guidelines for the Ultimate Art Exhibit

Theme – What is the theme of your exhibition? Why did you select this theme?

Location – i.e., Will you keep your gallery or museum local? Why or why not?

Decision making – i.e., Who did you decide to include in your exhibit and why? Which pieces of art did you include and why? Did you select one artist’s work over another and for what reason? Will you represent more than one artist’s work?

Audience – i.e., Who will attend your exhibition, does it matter and why?

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