Althusser’s and Fiske’s discussion of ideology are played out in provocative ways in Andy and Lana

Wachowski’s film, The Matrix. Formulate a focused argument about what the Matrix is and how it

illustrates Althusser’s theses about ideology. You might want to consider Althusser’s three theses and

how the film illustrates or challenges one of those theses. For example, how does the film illustrate

people’s imaginary relationships with their real conditions of existence? How is it significant that they

are all living in pods? How does the film illustrate that ideology has a material existence? How are

subjects interpellated in the film? You might also want to consider whether the Wachowsky brothers

are saying that there is a “real world” that is “outside” of the ideology of the Matrix, or in what ways

that “real world” still lies within the realm of ideology.For this paper topic, you will need to use

quotations to support your points—as in the other papers,

about ¼ of your paper must be made up of quotations that support your points. You can find the

shooting script

for The Matrix at this URL:


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