Think of an amendment that would improve the U.S. Constitution

Step 1: Think of an amendment that would improve the U.S. Constitution (this can be a significant change or just a clarification of an existing law).

Step 2: Research the different views of Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton using the sources provided in the “Hamilton & Jefferson” document on Canvas).

Step 3: Write a 4-5-page essay (works cited is an additional page) responding to the following prompts

Prompt 1: Describe the amendment you are proposing. Explain why you chose it and how it would make the U.S. Constitution better. Identify the part(s) of the U.S. Constitution that would be most affected by (or are most related to) your proposed amendment. (Be as specific as you can.)

Prompt 2: Using (and citing) the slides and/or textbook, describe at least two connections to specific course concepts/terms. Prompt 3: Using (and citing) at least two sources from the “Hamilton & Jefferson” document, explain how your choices would be seen from (do both): a. A Jeffersonian perspective, and b. A Hamiltonian perspective Works Cited: Provide a separate page citing all of the sources used (including course materials) using MLA or APA format. Remember that every idea that is not your original thought needs an in-text reference AND a supporting end source citation. Required minimum number of sources is 5 (two for prompt 2, two for prompt 3, plus the Constitution). Step 4: Save your work as a “.docx” or PDF file. I suggest you save your work frequently and to more than one location. I recommend a cloud back-up such as Dropbox or Google Docs (both of which are free). A flash drive is another option if you are not prone to misplacing things (and they are not free)

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