Three different types of choreography that we can categorized dances

We have learned three different types of choreography that we can categorized dances.(Storyline, Theme and Abstract) Make sure to complete the module materials before you do this assignment. (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. Watch the video, then recreate the form below, fill in the form, and specify the type of choreography with three reasons and write a reflection paragraph. 1) Double-spaced required.

2) No “whole dance” or “Entire piece” accepted as a time code. 3) For the elements, limit to only Time ,Space or Energy! No Body and Action! 4) Do not list the same elements multiple times. 5) Pick two Time elements, two Space elements and one energy element to specify. 6) Do not include any researched materials, quotes, or articles regarding this dance piece(Point deduction). 7) If you don’t use the specified form below, your maximum points will be a 5 points! 8) Do not include your name, date, class information and any other things in your assignment. 2 points will be deducted. Type of choreography: (Storyline, Theme or Abstract 

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