Transport planning review

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Transport plans are strategic documents designed to guide transport infrastructure investment into the future.  Given that cities are changing in population and the existing infrastructure is ageing, setting clear policy goals that address a range of important contemporary challenges (e.g. climate change, peak oil, changing demographics, mobility, accessibility, affordability, etc.) is significant.

For this assessment task, you will provide a critical assessment of an existing transport strategy based on the framework that you have designed.

Drawing upon the knowledge gained in this course, your own experience as a resident of a city, and your knowledge of best practice transport systems, you will familiarise yourself with a current transport strategy, and develop a framework to evaluate that plan.

Your task is to undertake a critical review of transport planning documents in the city that your group has selected. You are required to ; Choose a city and find transport planning document(s);   Develop a framework to evaluate the transport plan(s); and evaluate the transport plan by the framework that you have developed;

When undertaking your review, you may consider the following issues:

What does it identify as the main problems in the transport provision?

What change is the document aiming to achieve?

What social, environmental and economic issues do you think the transport plan should respond to?

Provide evidence to support why you think this?

What are the proposed solutions and do they meet the criteria set out in your proposed framework?

Do you think the document is designed to bring about change?

Do you find the document convincing?

What are the major gaps and flaws in the documents?

There is no particular structure required for this assignment.

Your submission will be assessed according to the following five criteria:

Quality of the evaluation framework grounded in the theory/literature;

Transport planning review

Critical evaluation of the transport planning documents; understandings of current planning approaches; quality of evidence/data

Quality of the Paragraph Structure/Expressions

Clear and precise written presentation and visual expressions.

Referencing and Acknowledgement of Sources

Proper and completed format in both bibliography and main body

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