Unit 4 Learning

  Unit IV Essay Organizational cu lture involves many different details, including customer service, employee benefits, and  hiring/termination processes. In this essay, you will further explain the role of organizational culture and its influences. Within your essay, include the following points:  What are the cultural influences on training and development? Provide two examples.  Discuss the effects of cultural continuity and change on organizational succession planning.  Provide two  examples.  How do internal and external social media influ ence organizational culture?  Is social media the most effective way for employees to share knowledge? Explain. Your essay must be a minimum of two full pages in length, not including the title and reference page. You are required to  use a minimum of two o utside sources; one must be from the CSU Online Library. All sources used, including the required  reading assignments, must be cited and referenced according to APA standards.

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