Unit 6a

Unit VI Project Continuing on with the inspectio n checklist created in Unit V, e xpand on the inspection checklist, and include considerati ons for the following:  Fire hazards and other issues of life safety o This area should include items such as existing fire systems, recommendations fo r any new systems, fire hazards ( including the storage of flammable items and/or materials ) , emergency lig hting, illuminated exit signs, and means of egress  The need for any industrial hygiene testing for lighting, noise, vibration, or any other similar hazard  The identification of any confined spaces or permit – required confined spaces o Is there a written program? o Are there permits available? o Is there a need for industrial hygiene testing?  Computers, automation of processes and/or machinery, and/or the use of robotics Your inspection checklist should consist of at least two pages . Plea se be sure to cite all sources used. Save this expanded checklist for use in Unit VII.

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