Unit Assessment

L. Determine strategies for delivery of human resource services.

2. Manage the delivery of human resource services.

3. Evaluate human resource service delivery.

4. Manage integration of business ethics in human resource

practices.You are required to collate and present your assessment in report format using the guidelines below.

Access to organisational documents is required to complete the assessment tasks.

The assessment is to be typed using Arial font with 2.5cm margins and 1.5line spacing.

Collate your assessment and clearly indicate your name on each page.

All work in this assessment is to be your own work – if you use information from another source please reference as appropriate.

This assessment is non-graded – results will be Competent or Not-Yet Competent. Should your assessment be deemed not competent or further information is required, you will be advised by your teacher and able to correct and resubmit on one further occasion.

Your report should be approximately 8 pages (maximum L0) in length (not including cover) plus 3-4 slides

as per guideline 9.

Report Guidelines

You are the HR Business Partner of your chosen organisation. For the coming year, you have been asked to identify the HR service delivery requirements based on the organisation strategy/business plans and consequently, plan for the delivery of the associated HR services.

Please provide a synopsis (summary) of the workplace you are referring to in your assessment. The synopsis provides the teacher with the overview of the type, size, culture and any other pertinent information of the


Locate your organisational strategic plan and select one (1) HR service delivery requirement based on the strategy/business plan. The strategy may include a number of HR service delivery requirements, e.g. in relation to recruitment, recognition, performance management, training, etc.

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