Urban Planning

 Essay about becoming a landuse developer in Los Angeles using this book only for resource called Becoming an urban planner: There are many different kinds of land use planning jobs. Some land use planners develop ways to encourage growth or development in certain communities or along appropriate corridors while others work to discourage growth in environmentally sensitive areas or where supporting services cannot be effectively provided. Some land use planners work on long-range comprehensive plans which are designed to coordinate all the important activities in which a community engages–housing, recreation, transportation, water and air quality, and so forth. Some land use planners help develop or administer local regulations which establish the kind of housing, industrial, and retail facilities that can be built in cities and counties. Others develop ways to finance public services while still other land use planners evaluate the impact of proposed residential or commercial development and suggest ways for communities to respond. write three different urban studies/planning careers you believe are possible options for you. A good way to approach this assignment is to prioritize your career interests and do one on each of your top three priorities. The textbook provides a wide perspective on possible careers as well as employers and scales at which one might work (e.g. state, regional, metropolitan, and local). It is a key resource for this assignment. The essay should discuss why you find each career to be exciting, interesting, and/or personally fulfilling – how does it connect to you, your experience, your hopes and goals? The essay should also address the position qualifications, market demand, salary and benefits, potential for career development. Do not plagiarize. Use multiple sources (three minimum) and cite them appropriately in the conclusion of your essay

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