US (General Motors) exporting cars to Australia is profitable.

The final version of the project should be organized as follows:

Part I. COUNTRY BACKGROUND (Less than one page):

Name of the non-US country you are targeting, neighboring countries, territorial size of the country, population, type of political system, history, current events and changes, and other important aspects about the country that an international business manager should know about.

Suggested places to start: HYPERLINK “” , HYPERLINK “” & HYPERLINK “”

Part II. BUSINESS PROPOSITION (about half a page): Your business thesis should be a clear statement such as “Outsourcing to South Korea is good” or “Offshoring to Poland is bad” or “FDI to Kuwait leads to economic growth” or “Russia is ripe for foreign investment” or “India has changed its laws to increase entrepreneurship.” Your thesis must be approved by the instructor. A simple one sentence thesis is expected. Next, provide some background about your thesis and discuss why you think it is an important and interesting topic. This could be one or two paragraph long. This section should be less one page long.

Part III. SUPPORTING EVIDENCE and ANALYSIS (three to four pages): The purpose of this section is to collect and discuss evidence to evaluate the validity of your thesis. Specifically, based on published sources, outline three reasons and supporting evidence for evaluating the correctness or otherwise of your thesis. Include and cite at least 10 sources of your information. The list of articles cited should be included in the Reference section (last page) of your report. This section should be about three to four pages long.

Suggested international newspaper directory websites: HYPERLINK “” , HYPERLINK “″

Part IV: CONCLUSION (about half a page): Discuss whether your thesis has been proved or disproved and explain what did you learn from your research and share any interesting insight you obtained. This could be half a page to one page long.

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