Visual Analysis General Essay

Essay #3: Visual Analysis General Essay Requirements:§Clever title§1 inch margins§Times New Roman font§double-spaced§in-text citations(Research & Writing Resources section of Canvas)§works-cited page(Research & Writing Resources section of Canvas)§MLA formatting guidelines(refer to the Format for Academic Essays document in the Research & Writing Resources section of Canvas)1.Source limit: Two (2) sources minimum.Your first source is the visual. You must also incorporate a reading or library source that explains your argument regarding the visual.If you do not quote from, paraphrase, or use examples from the source, you will not pass the essay. Likewise, you are expected to engage and really “use” the readings.If you choose to use two images and compare/contrast images, you must still use a reading/library source to support your analysis.2.The essay must be three full pages in length PLUS the works-cited page in MLA format, 11 or 12-point font and use correct MLA format for in-text (parenthetical) citations.3.Be sure to embed the visual into your paper.The Assignment:For this assignment,you will select a photograph or print advertisement and analyze its features to discover a deeper meaning. Similar to written texts, visuals communicate meaning on deeper level; however, these go beyond the literal.Your essay will illuminate this meaning helping your audience understand your interpretation of the image.You can choose to use a comparative format by choosing two images or you can choose a format similar to the one you used for your rhetorical assignment. Ask yourself the following questions as you formulate your argument:
•What produce or service is being advertised?
•Who is the audience?
•What is the ad’s main strategy?
•Does the ad use specific rhetorical strategies such as humor, understatement, or irony?
•What is the relation between the visual part of the ad (photo, drawing, typeface, etc.) and the print part (the text or copy)?
•What is the ad’s overall visual impression?Remember that your essay should be free of grammatical and mechanical mistakes, and you should, as always, proofread your essay very carefully. Accessing Library Sources Online:Online Databases (articles):1.Go to CourgarWeb/Library/Find Articles & Books Online (right side)
2.Search by Subject
3.Select the appropriate subject
4.Select a database to search
5.Enter search termsNetlibrary (online books):
1.Go to CourgarWeb/Library/Find Articles & Books Online (right side)
2.Select Electronic Books
3.Enter search terms**Include as much support (facts, testimony, statistics, etc.) as possible, but make sure to explain all of the data—do not just stick a statistic or a quotation in the middle of a paragraph. Introduce it and explain it.

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