Volunteer Management

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Students will be required to complete an individual project, after consultation with the lecturer. The following is a list of example projects. Please remember that is only an example list and that students are encouraged to use their creativity when designing a project as the projects should reflect students’ unique interests, knowledge and abilities. This assignment will be discussed in great detail and with examples in class in workshop 2. Please bring ideas and information to this workshop to work on your project.

Example assignment projects:

Develop a volunteer recruitment package

Develop a 3 day orientation workshop/program for new volunteers

Design a reward/recognition package for volunteers

Develop a volunteer policy manual

Design a motivational program for stressed/burned out volunteers

Develop a resource manual on volunteers in sport

Design a recruitment campaign for volunteers, complete with job description,

recruitment sources, selection methods, etc.

With the practical application, you also need to provide a short (350 words) statement outlining why and how this project will be used for volunteers with references and resources used to organise the application project. This is not included in the word count to assist.

Individual Assignment Points of Reference:

  • This assignment is a very creative piece of assessment.I would suggest you look on line at how current organisations have developed “how to guides” for volunteers in the specific area you are developing your assignment around i.e. recruitment, rewards and recognition.
  • There are no genetic and or standard templates for the planning, developing and implementing of Volunteer Programs.  There are some on this subjects LMS as examples also.
  • In the first page you will provide a short (approximately 350 words) statement outlining why and how this project will be used for volunteers. Also, explain the area that this will apply to i.e. sport volunteers, welfare volunteers. Be sure to include any references used. Ensure you also explain the theory and concepts that has lead you to develop the practical aspect of the assessment.
  • Some of your information will be appendices i.e. advertisements if you are doing a recruitment campaign. Please ensure you put these in at the end of your report.
  • Ensure you provide in text referencing and a reference list in APA or Harvard Style.

Report style

  • Headings, sub headings & table of content
  • Page numbers
  • Word count 1,500 – 2,500
  • APA or Harvard referencing
  • 350 word explaining why and how this project can be used for volunteers programs

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