Waste Management through Product Design

References should be more more from journals and books. Very less from internet sources

The topic should be focused on environmental sustainability issue and should also include critical analysis.

• The topic must be highly relevant to the module subject i.e. focussed on an environmental sustainability issue.
• Drill down into specific ‘sustainability’ topics and include a critical analysis of your research findings.
• Referenced correctly, identifying your sources to add weight and validity to your work.
• Each source must be appropriately analysed for its findings rather than merely repeated or quoted.
• There is a clear structure.
• Use a clear comparative framework to link the different sources of information.
• Addresses issues of bias, consistency, validity, reliability, and generalisability.
• Has a clear introduction and a supported conclusion.
• Include images and tables in your research to support your arguments and findings
• Reference images and tables from other sources using a title below each image and make sure to identify the source.
• The research topic should also investigate area relevant to Supply chain management i.e. how better waste management can be handled with better supply chain management

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