Waste Management

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It is vitally important that students understand how buildings are constructed before proceeding to learn how to manage the construction process. It is therefore not sufficient to be able to merely reproduce lecture notes and drawings. Students must learn to APPLY the basic knowledge to new situations they will encounter in their
future work. The objective of the Construction Case Study Assignment is to encourage students to reflect on the content of lectures so that they fully understand the subject. It is designed to encourage students to undertake further research and learning in support of lecture material provided by lecturers and to start to apply their new knowledge to specific situations.
Content of Case Study Submission
The case study submission will comprise a commentary on one of the weekly topics (250 words). Students must choose ONE topic only from the stated weekly topics in the unit outline – preferably one they can observe on their site visit(s). Therefore you are not required to cover any more than one topic and the choice is yours.
The commentary for the topic will comprise THREE sections as follows:
(i) Practical example
Students will be expected to find a practical example of their chosen weekly topic. This must be in the form of a house currently under construction in the Perth area that contains, or is constructing, the topic item chosen. The choice of house is up to you and may be chosen in your area. Multiple students may visit the same site; however, each should select a different topic.
Assessment 1
Case Study
Residential Construction
Please exercise extreme care and caution when visiting site and obtain permission from the site manager before you enter, take photographs, measurements or the like. Remember sites can be dangerous places and you need to be careful not to upset anyone, injure yourself or bring Curtin into disrepute. You may also be required to wear appropriate protective equipment/clothing. Comply with all site requirements. Remember beach wear and thongs are NOT appropriate site wear. Contact the Lecturer urgently if you are unable to find a house currently under construction or you encounter a problem on site.
The example must be described fully (including location, type, size, etc.) and a commentary on how the practical example relates to the discussions held during class. Examples must relate to the topics discussed in the lectures and be a significant item. (An examination of the student’s desk or bedroom window undertaken the night before
the assignment is due is NOT ACCEPTABLE.
NOTE: Students are not covered by the University insurance for entry onto building sites (unless specifically arranged in advance by the lecturer as a full class site visit).
(ii) Reference text
Students will be expected to search for one reference text about the chosen topic. The text reference must be given in accordance with the Chicago method of referencing. That portion of the reference text relating to the weekly topic MUST be read and students must provide a comment about the text in relation to the class exercise, including at least one RELEVANT direct quote from the text.
(iii) Detailed drawing/photographs
Students are required to choose an area of interest about the topic and produce a drawing showing one aspect of the topic. At the discretion of the student the detail may be an elevation, cross-section, plan or detailed drawing of one component. The drawing must be fully annotated, to scale and referenced (where necessary). The complexity of the drawing depends also on the topic. A section through a footing would be appropriate for a footings topic; however, when considering doors or windows generally vertical and horizontal sections would be appropriate. If the topic is walls a Residential Construction drawing of brick bond would be considered insufficient. In any case drawings should fully describe the detail chosen.
Photographs to support the drawings should also be included.
Drawings should be to a recognised architectural scale of 1:1, 1:5, 1:10, 1:20 1:50,
1:100 or 1:200.
A “sample” case study has been attached as an indication of the required nature and length of the entry required.
Students should state the numbers of words they have used in EACH part (by inserting the number in brackets at the end of each part).
This assignment is a significant assessable element of this unit worth 25% of the unit mark. It will be assessed on the basis of the attached marking plan and you are advised to use this to assist in your preparation for submission. The Case Study is to be submitted by individual students, NOT in groups.
Students are responsible for ensuring that they attend the required number of lectures and complete the appropriate case study section in order to achieve the pass mark for this component of the unit.
The final report should contain at least 1,200 words + drawings + photographs and must be submitted as per the example together with a cover sheet and the assessment sheet setting out:
• your name;
• your student number;
• the lecturer’s name;
• the unit title; and
• the topic of the assignment.
Residential Construction
Dept of Construction Management | School of Built Environment All pages should be numbered and your work checked for typographical and grammatical errors. All source material MUST be acknowledged and any form of plagiarism will result in failure of the assignment. Do not copy other student’s work or assist by showing your work to others.
Assignments must be submitted online through its correct Moodle drop-box on Moodle (not through email or in person). Late submissions will be penalised as per the Curtin College Late Assessment Policy in the Unit Outline.
If a student believes they will be unable to complete the problem solution in accordance with the assessment timetable (as above) they MUST discuss this with the lecturer BEFORE the date for submission of the problem solutions. No variation to the assessment timetable will be permitted unless there are extreme circumstances and
an Assessment Extension Form has been submitted justifying such variation. Late submissions will be penalised as per the Curtin College Late Assessment Policy in the
Unit Outline.

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