watch the film named Adam and answer questions about ASD/Asperger syndrome.

 Briefly address the following (a few sentences for each prompt is fine): Describe an aspect of the actor’s portrayal that was consistent with the characteristics of ASD/Asperger syndrome, and how it matched your understanding. Does this film have potential to educate viewers? How? Alternatively, if not, why not? For this assignment, students are discussing the character of Adam in the film of the same name. (1-2 paragraph per question). In each analysis, students will evaluate the following: Name the defining characteristics of ASD which Adam exhibits, and provide one or two examples from the film for each characteristic. This portion may be answered in a list/bullet format. (6 points) Based on information received in class and through readings about the characteristics of ASD, how accurate is the portrayal? Was there inaccuracy or misleading information in the portrayal of ASD? (4 points) Did the film promote and propagate existing stereotypes about ASD, or serve to increase understanding, or both? How? (3 points) Summarize – is this an appropriate depiction of a person with ASD? Why or why not? Discuss the overall tone and message, considering accuracy, the other characters’ responses, and the social impact of ASD on the main character. (3 points) An additional 4 points will be awarded for college level writing (construction, organization, proofreading). Key ideas to include in your analysis include the purposes of media, the social characteristics of people with communication disorders, and social perceptions of the particular disorder, in addition to factual information about the disorder. tips: The main reason I generally see significant points being deducted is for students’ failure to include all components of the assignment. Be explicit in addressing each component (that is, be direct; general discussion can be difficult to interpret). Another problem I see is students focusing on plot summary – while certain descriptions are necessary, too much summary or analysis based on plot will significantly reduce your score.

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