Paper should have a thesis (a theory it is trying to prove), and should use several specific examples from various sources, especially primary sources, to support it. The more detailed the better. Sources should be cited, even if not quoting. Use the textbook “A concise introduction to World religious” edited by: Oxtoby, Amore,Hussain, Segal THIRD EDITION and additional secondary sources, but you must also use at least one and preferably more primary sources. If no primary sources, minus ten points. Quote so I know you used it. A primary source is a source from the time period. It could be a law, diary, letter, newspaper, memoir, article, among other things from the time period. A secondary source would be a history book or text book. For example: The Diary of Napoleon Bonaparte (copyright 1818) is a primary source, but Napoleon: The Last Enlightened Despot, by Janet Sanchez (Copyright 2014) is NOT. It is a secondary source. Number your pages, double space, and have a Works Cited page or Bibliography, and give it a title (“Paper Number Three” is not a name). Points may be taken off for not doing this. Grammar and capitalization count, and too many errors will reduce your grade. Note: You should cite your sources and put in WC page even if NOT quoting. Cite within the text of the paper…. (Lets say you have 15 sources in your works cited page—how do I know where you got your information unless you tell me the specific source!!!!!) Also, cover sheets and WC pages do NOT count towards the page requirement. The major elements you will be evaluated on include: 1. Statement and quality of thesis 2. Use of evidence from primary and secondary sources 3. Development of a reasonable argument 4. Style, grammar, spelling and capitalization

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