Wetland Classes & Biodiversity

1) Wetlands have been described as ecosystems where “you don’t need a boat to get around, but you do need waterproof boots”. Is this description the best definition of a wetland and does it accurately explain all wetland habitats? 
2) How have organisms adapted to living with the stresses existing in wetlands? (Your answer should include information explaining the nature of these stresses and refer to a range of taxa to illustrate your answer fully.) 
3) Assess the factors driving wetland formation and characteristics at local and global scales.
4)- “All wetlands are wet lands, but not all wet lands are wetlands.” Using detailed examples, explain fully and discuss critically this statement.
5) Discuss the different attributes of, and anthropogenic pressures facing, Northern Hemisphere and tropical peatlands.

SECONDLY: questions on Wetland Hydrology & Biogeochemistry: 
1- Review fully the key requirements of calculating a water balance for a wetland catchment.
2- Review fully the key processes involved in the nitrogen cycle in wetland ecosystems.
3- Explain the physical and biogeochemical differences between mineral and organic wetland soils. (Your answer should include information explaining how the reduction-oxidation (redox) potential of soils is affected by hydrology, and an explanation of how the resulting redox reactions can affect decomposition in wetlands.) 
4- How does water affect the key biogeochemical processes in both mineral- and organic-soil wetlands? 
5- Explain fully how peatlands are able to store globally-significant amounts of carbon.
6- Explain fully how factors supressing extracellular enzyme activities in peatlands control the decomposition of organic matter.
7- Hydrology is the key driver of biogeochemical cycles in wetland soils”. Critically evaluate this statement.

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