What if schools banned rewarding systems?


What if schools banned rewarding systems?



You are to write an individual essay of 2,500 words that documents your developing ‘research attitude’ while also addressing your group’s What If…? question in greater depth.

In the first section of the essay, you should discuss your group’s What If…? question by focusing on one academic paper, backing up the main points in the paper with evidence from other academic sources. You should provide a detailed critical evaluation of its content, approach and findings in relation to your topic. To support your individual stance, you can also refer to theories in sociology and any wider reading that is relevant.

In the second section of the essay, you are to provide a rationale for your group’s selected mode of presentation and a description of its potential use in the classroom along with a consideration of any limitations. You should reflect on your experience of learning online and in a group, throughout this course. Again, this discussion should be supported with references to relevant literature on both collaborative pedagogies, learning technologies, developing a critical perspective and anything else you consider relevant.

Finally, you should draw on your own experiences as a learner on the What If…? course to discuss any implications or connections for your role as a future teacher.

In summary,

the individual essay (2,500 words) must:

• articulate and present a critical, personal stance towards an educational issue that is supported

with a detailed discussion of ONE academic paper (LO 1,2)

• include a rationale for your selected mode of presentation for the group project that is supported

with links to literature; (LO 3,4)

• consider the potential of educational technology tools for communication and presentation in

the classroom (LO 4)

• make connections to your future teaching practice, including the experience of group work, from

the ideas you have explored on the course. (LO 1,2,3)

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